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Etrian Odyssey by Fernosaur
Etrian Odyssey
So I'm playing Legend of the Titan right now. Lovely game!! It's the first time I play an EO game, so it's exciting to have your own characters and it's such a head-cannon bait... and thus this happened! Haha. It's not much but at least it's a small update after a long absence :).

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to upload random sketches to the site even if they're not super good quality oTL, just to let people know I'm alive.

Thanks for stopping by!
Dear friend,

Or I should say 'brother,' probably. Yes, you know who you are. Even though only about four years have gone by since we met in the most awkward of circumstances, it's funny how we've both reached an age in which friendships seem to last a lifetime instead of the untranscending kinds of camaraderie one used to have in highschool. Well, at least that's the case for me, since I know you keep your childhood friends close. Regardless of that, it does feel like we've known each other for so much longer than just four years. And in those four years you've made me so, so mad. So, so many times. You've made me laugh like a walrus, curse like a demon and worry like a mother. Yep, friendship with you has been quite a rollercoaster. Strangely enough too, since you're such a collected and hermetic guy. Maybe I've done all the feeling for both of us, maybe you just aren't versed enough in the rocky roads that sometimes wait ahead of us. What is unquestioned, though, is that it's been a friendship like no other.

It might be very silly, since you're only gonna go for a couple of months, but today, after hugging you goodbye last, I wanted to let all of this out; I really did, but I guess I'm not as brave as I make myself out to be, for the words never ventured out of my mouth. 

For all this time, and from the very beginning, it was so obvious we were more than just 'friends.' Two friends just hang out and have a good time with each other, you told me once, but come on. Rivals, pals, co-workers, unquestioned team partners, fanfiction material, bully and victim, game co-creators, writers, business associates, confidents, brothers. We've been so many things over the years that I think it impossible to see us just as 'friends.' Indeed, brothers in arms seems more likely to fill the part. And yes, I must confess, I am sad to see you go.

I'm happy for you, I really am. Out of everyone I know, if there's someone that I'm sure will make it big, it's you, with your stupid talent and your smartass witts. But bear with me, we've been seeing each other almost every day for so long, it's gonna be hard getting used to your absence. But the empty space -physically small as it may be- that you're leaving behind is not what saddens me, no. It's the fact that you're finally out there. Out there, in the wild, living an adventure of your own, getting a real taste of the rawest of life for the first time, feeling the bliss of uncertainty and the terrors of the future. Yet, I'm not there to see any of that, or to live any of that with you, by the side of my dear friend, my rival, my brother. 

I worry! A lot too. Even though it's a relatively short time, I know this is just the start. The start of the fork in our roads, and the start of whatever wonderful and dreadful things life has in store for you to make you grow and grow. But even with my concern and my sadness, the feelings that triumph it all are nothing but happiness. And pride. 

Have a good trip, my brother, and don't start getting cocky. I'm gonna catch up to you soon enough, and we'll see who makes it to the goal first.


Fern Cano
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Hey I saw your work on this website…
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Thanks for the heads up ^^. I already contacted them asking for some credit :). Thanks a lot!
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noticed one of your pieces used in a manipulation:…
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Thanks for the heads up, although it seems the picture was taken down already D:
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just clarifying I meant to say that while they aren't claiming ownership of the contents, you are not being credited as the originator of part of the image
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